Pint of Crisps


A colleague had this gem of an idea, we costed it, looked at the logistics and interviewed drinkers and publicans. I designed and packaged the concept, from box construction to finished graphics. Each box was sent to a leading crisps manufacturer as an entrepreneurial venture that you might see in a pub near you soon!

Potato crisps were first made in 1853 by a Native American chef, George Crum, at the Moon’s Lake House hotel in New York.
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Sing London – Street Pianos


During my time at Creative Orchestra, Sing London donated a piano to decorate with the aim of ‘uniting the City in Song’. From my initial sketch, there were few alterations from the original idea and I’m especially proud of the ‘tack face’ – spelling out their message – across the piano’s back.

Sing London produces participatory installations and events which aim to lift the public’s spirit

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Andrew Barton


One of London’s leading hair stylists, Andrew Barton, wanted to extend his product range into the ‘natural’ sector. Using minimalist type, alongside some attractive imagery, I crafted some products that would truly stand out from the crowd. The ‘Naturally Collection’ is a range of naturally-inspired, paraben-free, salon-professional hair care products that create outstanding results and is out in stores now.

Paraben-free, salon-professional hair care products.

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Buy your own


The ‘Buy Your Own’ concept came about after many a dispute over products in the bathroom. Its firm message is delivered in elegant, hand-drawn calligraphy that screams luxury and would be sure to stand out in any bathroom. The ‘Buy Your Own’ range was also featured in a packaging book, celebrating novel designs and unique cosmetics on the market.

The market for bathroom toiletries stood at a staggering £638 million in 2014.

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St. Andrews – Under Armour


Working with MKTG INC., we pitched and subsequently won the launch of the Under Armour brand into the UK with the idea of a ‘Storm Chamber’ and famous talents including professional golfer Jordan Spieth and Sky TV presenter Kirsty Gallagher heroing the brand at St. Andrew’s golf course.

The build has been designed to reflect the brand strength and heritage – it is strong, formidable, contemporary and slick.

The Storm Chamber is a mobile experience designed to showcase Armour Storm’s performance against the elements at The Open Championship. The event features talent from across multiple disciplines speaking of the brand’s credibility across sport and increasing a media hook.

A bold structure that will stand out from the crowd and provide shelter from the weather.

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Belsize Beer


A new initiative set-up with some close friends, 600 pints of the beer were produced in the Autumn of 2014 from locally grown hops that will involve a small group of people planting, tending, harvesting then brewing with the help of an expert brewing.

The project proved so popular with an estimated 40 growers, expanding to over 90 and new names having to be drawn up for the surrounding areas of Kentish Town and Primrose Hill.

Do you want to become a certified homegrown beer brewer?

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Ecco Shoes – Market Insight


Consumer Insight is the fuel for good innovation, but it’s what you do with it that really counts. Working alongside an innovation company who had compiled a great deal of insight in regards to shoe trends, I created a magazine, ‘The Contemporary Female’ to make it easier to digest. The Contemporary Female is designed to guide the Ecco shoe strategy over the next 5 years.

“A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk”

– Christian Louboutin

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GIrl Guiding UK Video


Girl Guiding UK

I was approached by Girl Guiding UK to create an online video that highlighted shocking statistics amongst young teenage girls and directed government bodies towards the information held within the Girls’ Attitude Survey.


–      Girl Guiding UK

The Girl Guides wanted to increase its membership numbers and portray the image that they are the ‘go to’ organisation for female youth issues. I created a 30 second commercial combining still animation techniques, art directed both the photoshoot and filming process, alongside some remarkable press material.

48% of teenage girls would undergo a medical procedure to change the way they look.

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Greener Diesel

Turning cooking oil into bio-diesel

Greener Diesel approached me to create a striking livery to be used across their fleet of vehicles and brand image. The colours and abstract shapes excite the eye in an otherwise dull industrial process. The design’s ability to stand-out amongst other competitors was a key ingredient to its success.