Masdar City Exhibition

Masdar Stand2

In the desert outside Abu Dhabi, construction of a new city is underway. Masdar will be a zero-carbon, zero-waste, and car-free ecological model city of 50,000 inhabitants and 1,500 green companies. To promote this city at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW), I created graphics to fit Ed Sorrell’s captivating masterplan for the space. Each enclave was dedicated to a pioneering project or technology that this new billion dollar city would be showcasing.

Masdar City is a clean-technology cluster located in one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

Each enclave acted as a separate space celebrating the future Masdar City. It’s huge space featured a floor to ceiling map of the site, a theatre, a digital column for social media and an experience room of Masdar Free Zone. Other enclaves included a wall of animated clocks for Future Technology that worked in unison to spell out the amount of kilowatts generated alongside an immersive wind turbine that allowed visitors to stand under and explore.

Harnessing the earth’s natural energy for a city of the future.

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JW Marriott Venice


A premium hotel brand wanted a luxurious design experience for 500 guests on their exclusive island hotel launch celebration in Venice. The story focused around the lifeblood location of the ‘Luguna e Vita’ and a trail of the surrounding islands’ history was set in place for the guests to experience on the prestigious JW Marriott’s Isola delle Rose.

Escape to a resort retreat on a private island in Venice

Working with MKTG INC, I created the printed materials and lent my skills to 3D production with detailed drawings and measurements depicted in a clear drawing pack for the team of production specialists to follow in Europe.

A luxurious design experience for over 500 international guests

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Retail Week Awards


The Oracle Retail Week Awards are the most celebrated and sought after awards in retail’s calendar and I was lucky enough to be given creative lead for their 2014 campaign that followed on from some event designs I did the previous year. From a quite loose direction I created a variety of designs that followed the stages leading up to the main award’s night in Park Lane.

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Sing London – Street Pianos


During my time at Creative Orchestra, Sing London donated a piano to decorate with the aim of ‘uniting the City in Song’. From my initial sketch, there were few alterations from the original idea and I’m especially proud of the ‘tack face’ – spelling out their message – across the piano’s back.

Sing London produces participatory installations and events which aim to lift the public’s spirit

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St. Andrews – Under Armour


Working with MKTG INC., we pitched and subsequently won the launch of the Under Armour brand into the UK with the idea of a ‘Storm Chamber’ and famous talents including professional golfer Jordan Spieth and Sky TV presenter Kirsty Gallagher heroing the brand at St. Andrew’s golf course.

The build has been designed to reflect the brand strength and heritage – it is strong, formidable, contemporary and slick.

The Storm Chamber is a mobile experience designed to showcase Armour Storm’s performance against the elements at The Open Championship. The event features talent from across multiple disciplines speaking of the brand’s credibility across sport and increasing a media hook.

A bold structure that will stand out from the crowd and provide shelter from the weather.

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Greener Diesel

Turning cooking oil into bio-diesel

Greener Diesel approached me to create a striking livery to be used across their fleet of vehicles and brand image. The colours and abstract shapes excite the eye in an otherwise dull industrial process. The design’s ability to stand-out amongst other competitors was a key ingredient to its success.