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Fashion & Beauty Monitor is the leading influencer marketing and PR solutions provider for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. They approached me to help communicate their digital database of social influencers that businesses use as the go-to resource to drive outreach, build relationships, identify influencers and engage their target audience in a competitive, evolving market.

“Fashion Monitor is a one stop shop for all PR contacts, news, events, and industry insight.”

– Starworks Group

The data they provide is huge and the scale of infographics involved had to be attractive, on brand and digestible – informing of key industry news, updates and insights, and enabling users to find the profiles and contact details they need effortlessly.

From the success of this influencer database, I’ve been asked back to design various pieces of collateral such as their sales packs, pitches and numerous reports.

“We have found the product to be unrivalled not only in their comprehensive data but in their ongoing support and added extras.”

– Benefit Cosmetics

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PwC Illustrations & Animations


I was approached by one of the forefront digital agencies in London, The Tin, to design a series of illustrations for PwC. These vector concepts were then animated to illustrate the complex nature of the 10 principles behind a successful strategy.

These ten principles – derived from PwC’s experience working with global business – can help you build strong links between strategy and execution now and in the years to come.

Click through the gallery of images below to see the illustrations come alive!

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Here is a selection of projects that I’ve been asked to take flat data from and translate into graphics that can be easily digested alongside sitting comfortably within their retrospective brand guidelines. Infographics are a particular joy of mine, as each set of data will always detail a different end graphic result that can then if desired be brought to life in animations.

One of my passions is being given an excel document of populated cells and bringing this to life. Some examples can be animated from vector files too with examples shown in the light box below.

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Retail Week Live


Retail Week Live Branding

Retail Week Live wanted to refresh their palette and style for 2014 with a campaign showcasing their top industry speakers. With this in mind, I created a minimalist style with bold, pastel colours that saw the images of the celebrity status panel take centre stage.
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