Masdar City Exhibition

Masdar Stand2

In the desert outside Abu Dhabi, construction of a new city is underway. Masdar will be a zero-carbon, zero-waste, and car-free ecological model city of 50,000 inhabitants and 1,500 green companies. To promote this city at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW), I created graphics to fit Ed Sorrell’s captivating masterplan for the space. Each enclave was dedicated to a pioneering project or technology that this new billion dollar city would be showcasing.

Masdar City is a clean-technology cluster located in one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

Each enclave acted as a separate space celebrating the future Masdar City. It’s huge space featured a floor to ceiling map of the site, a theatre, a digital column for social media and an experience room of Masdar Free Zone. Other enclaves included a wall of animated clocks for Future Technology that worked in unison to spell out the amount of kilowatts generated alongside an immersive wind turbine that allowed visitors to stand under and explore.

Harnessing the earth’s natural energy for a city of the future.

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Excellent Facets

Excellent Facets

For more than twenty years Excellent Facets has consistently supplied finely cut and accurately graded natural melee diamonds to the most quality-conscious customers in the jewellery industry. They take pride in being socially compliant and only source diamonds from organisations and countries that meet the requirements of the World Diamond Council and fully participate in the Kimberley Process / SDNBP, being one of the first companies in North America to be certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

“Excellent Facets collections include rare and highly sought-after fancy colour diamonds in pink, red, blue and green.”

Special Sauce commissioned me to help with visualise the new look of the Excellent Facets and with these signed off, I began translating the design into a fully responsive wordpress site. The client was a New York trader of the finest natural quality melee diamonds and wanted a total refresh of his dated site with attention paid to his company’s ethical practices and natural fancy diamonds sections.

“The leader in precisely graded melee diamonds in VS or higher quality.”

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Transition Towns


I work closely with two sustainable groups to me; Transition Belsize and Transition Kentish Town, using my skills to promote their message and various activities and courses they run. One of these activities is fruit foraging in the streets, which I lead groups on, so I produced a map for Transition Belsize detailing the local fruit trees and vibrant marketing materials that express their colourful character. I’m continually involved with this group and volunteer my designs when asked, from Fruitery maps to Green Fair promotional materials.

The Transition movement has a vision of a greener and happier towns, strengthening communities through fun, useful and sociable activities.

More recently, I’ve donated my time and eye on refreshing the Transition Kentish Town website and some campaigns they run. These were all a labour of love, as I wanted to bring the message into the modern era and ultimately gain more followers keen to improve their local area with a variety of sustainable groups and practices they can get involved with.

Perfect for urban foragers or those with green fingers.

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Here is a selection of projects that I’ve been asked to take flat data from and translate into graphics that can be easily digested alongside sitting comfortably within their retrospective brand guidelines. Infographics are a particular joy of mine, as each set of data will always detail a different end graphic result that can then if desired be brought to life in animations.

One of my passions is being given an excel document of populated cells and bringing this to life. Some examples can be animated from vector files too with examples shown in the light box below.

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JW Marriott Venice


A premium hotel brand wanted a luxurious design experience for 500 guests on their exclusive island hotel launch celebration in Venice. The story focused around the lifeblood location of the ‘Luguna e Vita’ and a trail of the surrounding islands’ history was set in place for the guests to experience on the prestigious JW Marriott’s Isola delle Rose.

Escape to a resort retreat on a private island in Venice

Working with MKTG INC, I created the printed materials and lent my skills to 3D production with detailed drawings and measurements depicted in a clear drawing pack for the team of production specialists to follow in Europe.

A luxurious design experience for over 500 international guests

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Cob in the Community


I was asked to design a website that promoted their work and was testament to their creativity. I designed the logo, promotional materials and coded the fully responsive site that acted as an online portfolio show casing their projects past and present. Alongside this I’m also the carpenter on site and produce 3D drawings for more complex projects.

Over 30% of the world’s population lives in earth made homes.

We are passionate about working with communities and with clay – in particular London clay because it’s readily available and too often destined for landfill. Anyone can get involved, from a 4-year-old to a granny. We work with our hands – and feet, and tarps, often assisted by the occasional robin.

If you need an oven or bespoke oven door, please get in touch.

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Retail Week Awards


The Oracle Retail Week Awards are the most celebrated and sought after awards in retail’s calendar and I was lucky enough to be given creative lead for their 2014 campaign that followed on from some event designs I did the previous year. From a quite loose direction I created a variety of designs that followed the stages leading up to the main award’s night in Park Lane.

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Pint of Crisps


A colleague had this gem of an idea, we costed it, looked at the logistics and interviewed drinkers and publicans. I designed and packaged the concept, from box construction to finished graphics. Each box was sent to a leading crisps manufacturer as an entrepreneurial venture that you might see in a pub near you soon!

Potato crisps were first made in 1853 by a Native American chef, George Crum, at the Moon’s Lake House hotel in New York.
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Andrew Barton


One of London’s leading hair stylists, Andrew Barton, wanted to extend his product range into the ‘natural’ sector. Using minimalist type, alongside some attractive imagery, I crafted some products that would truly stand out from the crowd. The ‘Naturally Collection’ is a range of naturally-inspired, paraben-free, salon-professional hair care products that create outstanding results and is out in stores now.

Paraben-free, salon-professional hair care products.

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