Masdar City Exhibition

Masdar Stand2

In the desert outside Abu Dhabi, construction of a new city is underway. Masdar will be a zero-carbon, zero-waste, and car-free ecological model city of 50,000 inhabitants and 1,500 green companies. To promote this city at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW), I created graphics to fit Ed Sorrell’s captivating masterplan for the space. Each enclave was dedicated to a pioneering project or technology that this new billion dollar city would be showcasing.

Masdar City is a clean-technology cluster located in one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

Each enclave acted as a separate space celebrating the future Masdar City. It’s huge space featured a floor to ceiling map of the site, a theatre, a digital column for social media and an experience room of Masdar Free Zone. Other enclaves included a wall of animated clocks for Future Technology that worked in unison to spell out the amount of kilowatts generated alongside an immersive wind turbine that allowed visitors to stand under and explore.

Harnessing the earth’s natural energy for a city of the future.

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Transition Towns


I work closely with two sustainable groups to me; Transition Belsize and Transition Kentish Town, using my skills to promote their message and various activities and courses they run. One of these activities is fruit foraging in the streets, which I lead groups on, so I produced a map for Transition Belsize detailing the local fruit trees and vibrant marketing materials that express their colourful character. I’m continually involved with this group and volunteer my designs when asked, from Fruitery maps to Green Fair promotional materials.

The Transition movement has a vision of a greener and happier towns, strengthening communities through fun, useful and sociable activities.

More recently, I’ve donated my time and eye on refreshing the Transition Kentish Town website and some campaigns they run. These were all a labour of love, as I wanted to bring the message into the modern era and ultimately gain more followers keen to improve their local area with a variety of sustainable groups and practices they can get involved with.

Perfect for urban foragers or those with green fingers.

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Cob in the Community


I was asked to design a website that promoted their work and was testament to their creativity. I designed the logo, promotional materials and coded the fully responsive site that acted as an online portfolio show casing their projects past and present. Alongside this I’m also the carpenter on site and produce 3D drawings for more complex projects.

Over 30% of the world’s population lives in earth made homes.

We are passionate about working with communities and with clay – in particular London clay because it’s readily available and too often destined for landfill. Anyone can get involved, from a 4-year-old to a granny. We work with our hands – and feet, and tarps, often assisted by the occasional robin.

If you need an oven or bespoke oven door, please get in touch.

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The Gaia Gallery


The ‘Gaia Gallery’ project is a to refit of a 43 foot steel barge in such a way that it exists totally ‘off-grid.’ ‘Off-grid’ means that the boat will require no mains electrical, water or fuel input and no sewage output and will run solely off firewood and solar power generation.

Shortlisted for the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneurs Prize

Traditional building methods such as cob construction, carpentry and joinery will be married with cutting-edge technologies such as the latest in permaculture design processes such as rocket stove mass heating and rainwater harvesting. Through combining these different methods we are able to use predominately natural or recycled materials in the build making this a pioneering structure. I’ve also put together the website for this venture.

We feel beauty and functionality are routed in the materials we use – whether reclaimed, natural or sustainable.

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The Cob House – Meadow Orchard


I donated some of my skills and expertise in ecological builds to the Meadow Orchard Project who are a dedicated growing creative, orientated around a healthy and sustainable community. This particular build involved a collection of techniques, from rammed tyres for the foundation to cob walls sitting alongside strawbale supporting walls. The roof of the build will be finished with pallet wood shingles and a living roof to fully immerse the build into the natural meadow located just off Crouch End high street.

A soulful space for workshops, classes, therapies, meetings and community events.

The foundations are laid with recycled crushed concrete; the frame and roof rafters are constructed with high-quality reclaimed timbers; the roof is clad with reclaimed pallet slats; the stem wall is made using rammed-earth recycled tyres; the south wall is a cob mix of clay, sand and straw; the north wall is straw-bales rendered with natural lime and clay plaster. A wooden floor has been laid with reclaimed boards on a floating sub-frame with recycled insulation underneath. The windows are reclaimed glass-frames or donated triple-glazed seconds. The doors and shutters are made from pallet wood and reclaimed timbers.

If you want to gain skills in eco-building, capentry, cob-building get in touch with the Meadow Orchard team.

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Greener Diesel

Turning cooking oil into bio-diesel

Greener Diesel approached me to create a striking livery to be used across their fleet of vehicles and brand image. The colours and abstract shapes excite the eye in an otherwise dull industrial process. The design’s ability to stand-out amongst other competitors was a key ingredient to its success.



Urban Harvest Fest


Urban Harvest Fest

The Urban Harvest Fest is a myriad of stalls/talks/workshops. The theme of the whole day being forged with local food, energy, community resilience and green living.

Activities including, an apple press juicing all the windfall apples from the area which would otherwise go to waste, mushroom workshops, herbal tinctures, talks on food, health and nutrition. Also included are bike workshops, Darn it – mending and sowing sessions, and more family activities meant it was a bumper day of fun that I wanted to express in my design.

It also means a lot to see kids using our apple press and squishing some of the many thousand of unwanted apples that lay fallen on the streets, turning them into delicious juice. Come and have a go and taste the juice – it’s all for free.

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Straw Bale House


I spent some time in the forests of Lithuania, living off the land and learning the art of using straw bales in the construction of ecological homes. This project is on-going and I hope to return soon to help the team put on the finishing touches.

Straw bale homes can be beautiful as the natural material lends itself to multiple architectural styles.

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Earthbuilds Branding & Construction


As a keen ecologist and builder, I teamed up with Earthbuilds to offer some creative juice for their worthy concepts of living sustainably, off the grid and reusing car tyres in the construction of beautiful homes of the future. I also attend a lot of sustainable building courses and when asked produce their literature too. Below is an example of a course run in Cornwall teaching Earthship principles.

A fully sustainable, low carbon, off grid structure with no connection to civic amenities.

Another venture with the Earthbuilds team took me to Estonia, where we set about constructing a small liveable house in the forests of the Saku District. Designed with the aim in mind to provide sustainable housing that worked with nature and not against it. This house will eventually be self-sufficient and off the grid.

Earthship’s sustain comfortable temperatures year round hovering  around 22°C.

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