The FoxFire Diamond


Special Sauce Agency approached me to help them create a new striking web presence for North America’s largest known uncut diamond – The Foxfire. I put together the site visuals and UX journey, with Special Sauce coding up the site and adding their unique flavour.

The Foxfire was found buried deep beneath a frozen lake, in the remote Diavik mines of Canada.

Named after the resplendent Northern Lights, which in Aboriginal myth illuminates the night sky like a brush of undulating fox tails, the Foxfire diamond is the rarest of its kind. At 187.63 carats, the two-billion-year-old stone is the largest known, uncut gem-quality diamond ever to be discovered in North America. With a unique luminosity, the Foxfire gives off a singular glow, appearing to actually emit light.

A miracle of nature.

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Cob in the Community


I was asked to design a website that promoted their work and was testament to their creativity. I designed the logo, promotional materials and coded the fully responsive site that acted as an online portfolio show casing their projects past and present. Alongside this I’m also the carpenter on site and produce 3D drawings for more complex projects.

Over 30% of the world’s population lives in earth made homes.

We are passionate about working with communities and with clay – in particular London clay because it’s readily available and too often destined for landfill. Anyone can get involved, from a 4-year-old to a granny. We work with our hands – and feet, and tarps, often assisted by the occasional robin.

If you need an oven or bespoke oven door, please get in touch.

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The Gaia Gallery


The ‘Gaia Gallery’ project is a to refit of a 43 foot steel barge in such a way that it exists totally ‘off-grid.’ ‘Off-grid’ means that the boat will require no mains electrical, water or fuel input and no sewage output and will run solely off firewood and solar power generation.

Shortlisted for the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneurs Prize

Traditional building methods such as cob construction, carpentry and joinery will be married with cutting-edge technologies such as the latest in permaculture design processes such as rocket stove mass heating and rainwater harvesting. Through combining these different methods we are able to use predominately natural or recycled materials in the build making this a pioneering structure. I’ve also put together the website for this venture.

We feel beauty and functionality are routed in the materials we use – whether reclaimed, natural or sustainable.

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