Earthbuilds Branding | Earthship Construction

The Earthship has been brilliantly engineered to sustain comfortable temperatures all year long from a huge by-waste product of the automative industry - car tyres

As a keen ecologist and builder, I teamed up with Earthbuilds to offer some creative juice for their worthy concepts of living sustainably, off the grid and reusing car tyres in the construction of beautiful homes of the future. I also attend a lot of sustainable building courses and when asked produce their literature too. Below is an example of a course run in Cornwall teaching Earthship principles.

A fully sustainable, low carbon, off grid structure with no connection to civic amenities.

Another venture with the Earthbuilds team took me to Estonia, where we set about constructing a small liveable house in the forests of the Saku District. Designed with the aim in mind to provide sustainable housing that worked with nature and not against it. This house will eventually be self-sufficient and off the grid.

Earthship’s sustain comfortable temperatures year round hovering  around 22°C.

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