Think & Do Climate Shop3

Camden Council approached me to help them develop a new climate action shop in response to the Citizens’ Assembly recommendation to do more to bring existing community groups together to work on tackling the climate crisis. Think & Do opened as a pop-up community space for climate and eco-action on Kentish Town’s high street taking advantage of a disused shop space.

The aim of the space is to give people in Camden the chance to take part in, run and grow activities that get people more involved in tackling the climate crisis. Whether this be planting trees, learning about solar energy, regifting, or larger ideas that need collaborative help to get off the ground.

One idea that came out of the shop, as an example, was the 2025 Camden Forest that aims to have 2,025 trees planted in Camden by 2025 and their journeys recorded across the borough. Connections were made with community groups and councillors which helped develop simple ideas to help their local patches.

1,000 local contacts putting their names down to be informed for future activities and how they can help. Talks from famous faces and eco figures, swap shops, rewilding publicly owned lands and local school groups getting involved in all sorts. The Think&Do trial, having been so successful, looks to continue past it’s 6 week pop-up phase and also picked up in other boroughs to develop their own conversations and actions!

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