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Freelance Designer

London based multi-disciplined freelance graphic designer with an obsession for well executed typography. My passions extend to packaging, advertising, architecture, boat building and a good skip. I enjoy applying myself to any project that needs a creative injection to get the ideas flowing.

Maker & Builder

I also offer a range of creation services, specialising in bespoke woodwork and natural building practices. Products range from pallet furniture – with my company, cob ovens – working with, cob oven doors and living roofs.

Forager & Brewer

As a keen brewer and forager I organise local fruit picking of trees around the streets of north London. With the produced I create preserves or potent home-brews. Products I’ve made to date from these include; Cherry sherry, Apple & Pear cider, Blackberry wine and Elderflower Champagne.

Freelance Design
& Maker

As a proficient Graphic Designer, I revel in working with people who are professional in their approach. I am proud of my communication skills and my ability to work under pressure or within a team, key elements to delivering a successful end product.


Your brand is the way your customer perceives you. It’s critical to stand apart from the crowd.


Print material has many advantages over online content. The most obvious one being you can feel it and indulge your senses with it.

Logo Design

Less is more! A logo that works is only achieved through in-depth research, attention to detaill and plenty of design experimentation.


One of my passions is using excel data and translating it into graphics that can be easily digested alongside sitting comfortably within their brand guidelines.

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