The Cob House | Meadow Orchard

The building utilises natural light, and the thermal and insulating properties of natural materials for energy efficiency.

I donated some of my skills and expertise in ecological builds to the Meadow Orchard Project who are a dedicated growing creative, orientated around a healthy and sustainable community. This particular build involved a collection of techniques, from rammed tyres for the foundation to cob walls sitting alongside strawbale supporting walls. The roof of the build will be finished with pallet wood shingles and a living roof to fully immerse the build into the natural meadow located just off Crouch End high street.

A soulful space for workshops, classes, therapies, meetings and community events.

The foundations are laid with recycled crushed concrete; the frame and roof rafters are constructed with high-quality reclaimed timbers; the roof is clad with reclaimed pallet slats; the stem wall is made using rammed-earth recycled tyres; the south wall is a cob mix of clay, sand and straw; the north wall is straw-bales rendered with natural lime and clay plaster. A wooden floor has been laid with reclaimed boards on a floating sub-frame with recycled insulation underneath. The windows are reclaimed glass-frames or donated triple-glazed seconds. The doors and shutters are made from pallet wood and reclaimed timbers.

If you want to gain skills in eco-building, capentry, cob-building get in touch with the Meadow Orchard team.

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