Masdar Stand3

In the desert outside Abu Dhabi, construction of a new city is underway. Masdar will be a zero-carbon, zero-waste, and car-free ecological model city of 50,000 inhabitants and 1,500 green companies. To promote this city at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW), I created graphics to fit Ed Sorrell’s captivating masterplan for the space. Each enclave was dedicated to a pioneering project or technology that this new billion dollar city would be showcasing.

Masdar City is a clean-technology cluster located in one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

Each enclave acted as a separate space celebrating the future Masdar City. It’s huge space featured a floor to ceiling map of the site, a theatre, a digital column for social media and an experience room of Masdar Free Zone. Other enclaves included a wall of animated clocks for Future Technology that worked in unison to spell out the amount of kilowatts generated alongside an immersive wind turbine that allowed visitors to stand under and explore.

Harnessing the earth’s natural energy for a city of the future.

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