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Excellent Facets

Stationery, website design & build

For more than twenty years Excellent Facets has consistently supplied finely cut and accurately graded natural melee diamonds to the most quality-conscious customers in the jewellery industry. They take pride in being socially compliant and only source diamonds from organisations and countries that meet the requirements of the World Diamond Council and fully participate in the Kimberley Process / SDNBP, being one of the first companies in North America to be certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

“Excellent Facets collections include rare and highly sought-after fancy colour diamonds in pink, red, blue and green.”

Special Sauce commissioned me to help with visualise the new look of the Excellent Facets and with these signed off, I began translating the design into a fully responsive wordpress site. The client was a New York trader of the finest natural quality melee diamonds and wanted a total refresh of his dated site with attention paid to his company’s ethical practices and natural fancy diamonds sections.

“The leader in precisely graded melee diamonds in VS or higher quality.”

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