Excellent Facets

Excellent Facets

For more than twenty years Excellent Facets has consistently supplied finely cut and accurately graded natural melee diamonds to the most quality-conscious customers in the jewellery industry. They take pride in being socially compliant and only source diamonds from organisations and countries that meet the requirements of the World Diamond Council and fully participate in the Kimberley Process / SDNBP, being one of the first companies in North America to be certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

“Excellent Facets collections include rare and highly sought-after fancy colour diamonds in pink, red, blue and green.”

Special Sauce commissioned me to help with visualise the new look of the Excellent Facets and with these signed off, I began translating the design into a fully responsive wordpress site. The client was a New York trader of the finest natural quality melee diamonds and wanted a total refresh of his dated site with attention paid to his company’s ethical practices and natural fancy diamonds sections.

“The leader in precisely graded melee diamonds in VS or higher quality.”

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JW Marriott Venice


A premium hotel brand wanted a luxurious design experience for 500 guests on their exclusive island hotel launch celebration in Venice. The story focused around the lifeblood location of the ‘Luguna e Vita’ and a trail of the surrounding islands’ history was set in place for the guests to experience on the prestigious JW Marriott’s Isola delle Rose.

Escape to a resort retreat on a private island in Venice

Working with MKTG INC, I created the printed materials and lent my skills to 3D production with detailed drawings and measurements depicted in a clear drawing pack for the team of production specialists to follow in Europe.

A luxurious design experience for over 500 international guests

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Pint of Crisps


A colleague had this gem of an idea, we costed it, looked at the logistics and interviewed drinkers and publicans. I designed and packaged the concept, from box construction to finished graphics. Each box was sent to a leading crisps manufacturer as an entrepreneurial venture that you might see in a pub near you soon!

Potato crisps were first made in 1853 by a Native American chef, George Crum, at the Moon’s Lake House hotel in New York.
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Andrew Barton


One of London’s leading hair stylists, Andrew Barton, wanted to extend his product range into the ‘natural’ sector. Using minimalist type, alongside some attractive imagery, I crafted some products that would truly stand out from the crowd. The ‘Naturally Collection’ is a range of naturally-inspired, paraben-free, salon-professional hair care products that create outstanding results and is out in stores now.

Paraben-free, salon-professional hair care products.

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Buy your own


The ‘Buy Your Own’ concept came about after many a dispute over products in the bathroom. Its firm message is delivered in elegant, hand-drawn calligraphy that screams luxury and would be sure to stand out in any bathroom. The ‘Buy Your Own’ range was also featured in a packaging book, celebrating novel designs and unique cosmetics on the market.

The market for bathroom toiletries stood at a staggering £638 million in 2014.

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Belsize Beer


A new initiative set-up with some close friends, 600 pints of the beer were produced in the Autumn of 2014 from locally grown hops that will involve a small group of people planting, tending, harvesting then brewing with the help of an expert brewing.

The project proved so popular with an estimated 40 growers, expanding to over 90 and new names having to be drawn up for the surrounding areas of Kentish Town and Primrose Hill.

Do you want to become a certified homegrown beer brewer?

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Cow Cola


Cow Cola

‘Made on Farms. Not in Factories’ was the aptly named phrase that sat with this cola brand, generated as a PR stunt that would dupe the reader into believing such a product existed on April Fools’ Day 2010. It was the most read article on Brand Republic and Campaign, also featuring on many other creative sites with on accompany wanting to take the product to market.

It was the most read article on Brand Republic and Campaign.

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Retro Champagne


Retro Champagne

Creo Print and Production wanted an unusual concept for their Christmas gift to send to clients. Taking inspiration from retro toy graphics and combining some playful DIY decorations in a screen printed box was greatly received. With so many thank you gifts sent over the Christmas period, this one had to stand out and be testament to the quality of Creo’s work, alongside the eye-catching graphics.

Embedded in the ink on the packaging was the scent of cinnamon and gloves for that truly Christmas feel.

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Drink Labels


I’m particularly found of home brewing and generally experimenting with whatever strange ingredients I have to hand. For each cider, wine, or spirit I brew up I craft a special label that takes influence from it’s ingredients and the impression that each drink left with me. Not aimed at any market demographic but just a bit of fun I have with type. More to come soon!

He is a wise wan who invented beer.”

– Plato

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Creative Orchestra Wow Magazine


Creative Orchestra, an advertising agency in London, wanted both an online and printed magazine to showcase their work to prospective clients and act as a testimonial to their creative abilities. Over 500 were produced, some sent to influential Creative Directors and the rest used to as a portfolio showcase housing all the ideas of that year. To land on the Creative Directors desk, the packaging was carefully designed to appear as a legitimate piece of mail that the person had ordered online. When opened, they would be pleasantly surprised with a magazine featuring some of the best creative ideas, compliment with great design and all packaged using sustainable materials.

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